I grew up in a large, Italian family. We moved from Jersey to Texas when I was 10. I was educated mostly in the South, and attended the University of North Texas State. I went on to be in the Miss Texas USA Pageants, an extra on the T.V. Series, Dallas, and modeled for a lot of my early twenties. I had my daughter at 23 years old. We moved to Colorado in 1989.

Mo-hair hat and scarf!

My husband and I  live on a beautiful ranch in Colorado, and  consider myself as much an observer of life as an active participant. I watch birds and wildlife daily, find beauty in nature, yet I also am very interested in interpersonal relationships and personalities. I studied the human brain extensively, have a biological science degree and was an educator in the public schools for over 20 years. I taught both art and science.

We love Santa Fe and Taos.

I raised a beautiful daughter named, Michelle. She was my life for many years. She is independent, beautiful and highly intelligent. She is a survivor.

I am concentrating on putting on large art shows now, and running my husband’s law office effectively at this point in my life.

I hope to enrich your world with my blogs and hopefully we can learn from each other. I’m a writer, but I also love reading. I am an effective communicator, but I also listen. An explorer, searcher, wanderer.


5 thoughts on “I am an art advocate in my area, and love most everything about life!

  1. Wow, is this Miss Sugar? I had no idea as I came here to visit someone who visited my site. First of all, thank you for visiting. Second of all, it is great to meet you, Mam. At current moment I’m in a rush to get off to work. I roll out at 4 a.m. every morning, and have my truck hooked up by 5:30. I love the way your husband tells a story! So I am a fan of yours already, just because of him. I’ll be back to read more soon! Thanks again, for stopping in!

    • Yes Sir it is. Ya just never know who is lurking around the corner! My husband’s blogs are very popular around these parts. I’m glad you enjoy them as he does yours. I had to follow you after seeing your beautiful pups. Does yours go with you when you drive? Have a wonderful day! ~Miss Sugar (Hopefully, the ONLY Miss Sugar)

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