Early last year, I met an amazing artist through the wonders of social media. HIs name is Jamie Zamora, and he made beautiful “art” out of old, used-up tires. He would cut and burn the tires and make beautiful planters out of them. Then, he would paint them with different themes. Here is a picture of Jamie with this tires at the last show he did with me on October 26th, 2013.



Jamie’s mother had done a similar creation out of tires, yet she didn’t take it the step further, which was to paint them and make them even more beautiful!

While at the Octobercraft Show, Jamie met another talented artist, named Carlos Ruiz. Carlos went to a fine arts college and is very talented with modern, acrylic paintings.

Here are Carlos’s paintings, with the band (you can see his paintings on the stage!)Image

Carlos met Jamie Zamora at the Octobercraft Show in Livermore, Colorado.


Carlos is sitting here enjoying the food that was served by a Hispanic family from Greeley, Colorado, and he is talking to Kevin Buecher who also helped with this amazingly successful show!

My husband and I knew Jamie through the art shows we sponsor in Colorado and were saddened to hear of his son Adam’s death. Jamie reached out and called our office, and he and Alan spoke at length about Adam. Jamie was of deep religious faith and often commented to me privately about God’s love for all of us.

Amongst other trials in Jamie’s life, Jamie felt pain that he could not endure. So, on Sunday the 5th of January, he decided to take his own life. Jamie would have been 39 years old on January 10th.

I had messaged Jamie through private message on FB and he had mentioned to me that he told Carlos how to do his planter tires. He also told me he wished he could paint like Carlos and wanted him to help him paint his tires down the road. Carlos messaged me the day after Jamie’s funeral, and told me he’d love to carry on Jamie’s tradition. Carlos will now be making Jamie’s Recycled Tires and painting them for Jamie.

Artists can be very fragile at times, but what we all know and will always know is that they ALL have big hearts.

Rest in Peace Jamie Zamora. Your soft spoken manner and kind eyes will always be missed.

Here are a few more pictures of the beautiful planters that Jamie made. May his memory live on through his beautiful creations.

Jamie’s family thanks you from the bottom of their hearts, CARLOS RUIZ!




Image Image





2 thoughts on “His Art Lives on.

  1. I would love to purchase a tire that Jamie did. Can you please give me some prices. I would like to give them to his sister and 2 of his cousins as a memorial. Thank you for having his artwork carried on.

    • Hi Peggy,
      Alan and I own a few of his creations, but the man who is also carrying on his art is named Carlos Ruiz. It will be difficult to find Jamie’s actual pots now that he is gone. I can try to call his landlady about that, and will post if I find out anything. You are welcome to purchase a few from Carlos and they will look similar to Jamie’s pots. Carlos works at 1324 N College each day in Fort Collins. Thank you! Love, Karen

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