So, I ran a mild background check on the people I decided to rent my home to in Longmont, Colorado two years ago. They told me they were in the T-shirt business, and possibly they were at that time, but then the business closed, and they decided to use my home as a grow shop. I was the “best landlord” they said they’d ever had, because I didn’t bother them. I actually wanted to respect them as adults and respect their privacy. Wow, that would certainly come back to bite me in the ass later on.

When I did a mild search on Joseph ‘Thad’ Duchamp, I found out that his LinkedIN profile lists him as a “product specialist.” I wasn’t sure what that was. I thought maybe he knew a lot about T-Shirt fabric. Then, I did a little ore research. It said he worked at Hydro 58. I was wondering if that was some sort of water purification system, What I learned made my skin crawl.

When I called the City of Longmont, They asked me flat out if my home had electric heat. I told them., “not as far as I know, it has gas.” Then the lady laughed and said, “there’s something else going on in your home and you better check it out. From these electric bills they’ve incurred I betcha they are growing something.”

So, my husband and I decided to go to the home to inspect it for the first time in two years.  We were also told that the renters were moving out by Jan 1st. Joseph “Thad” Duchamp, and his lovely accomplice, live-in, Brittney Bauer (who had died her hair bright blue—loved that touch, dear–keep it up) had not moved out yet. We were there on January 1st, because we were told they were leaving by midnight December 31st. What we saw horrified us. Below are the pictures. When we asked why the ceiling of the garage has been torn out, we were told, “we needed ventilation for our dogs.” Really now! Do I look like I just fell off of planet Mars?

They were keeping plants in the ceiling of the garage and in the home.Imagee.


So, in the above pictures, you can easily see the garage and the roof have been mutilated,





Above are two pictures of the ceiling fan in the master bedroom. Looks like it’s covered in some type of slimy-black goo. Plus, the light has been ripped out and wires are hanging out of it. Was that also some market improvement? Yes, the entire house will need to be re-painted.


Above and below is the new linoleum put on the downstairs floor before they moved in. It is ripped and burned.Image



Above is the window out of the back bedroom. When asked why it was broken, Thad replied, “The wind did it,” Funny, but I lived in that home for 22 years and “the wind” never did anything to the house.


Did they really think that after damaging three drawers in the kitchen cabinets that their shabby glue job would help? What would you use kitchen cabinet drawers for? Steps?Image

Even though there was a Mastiff in the home, this looks more like someone gauged the woodwork with some heavy device! Moving it in and our of the downstairs bedroom for kicks? Unbelievable!

And below you will find very good evidence of apparent drug use. Why leave it out in plain view for anyone to see it? Is this what the new Colorado laws are doing to us all regarding pot use and sales? Did we really think that the people in this type of business would be respectful, caring individuals who care about homes and property in Colorado? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Brittney asked me why I called the cops. When they came and went, I also asked myself the same thing. The new laws are affecting innocent people like this retired school teacher in ways you cannot fathom. Thanks so much for WRECKING MY HOME that I’ve owned since 1990, THE STATE OF COLORADO, JOSEPH THAD DUCHAMP AND BRITTNEY BAUER!!!



The Lawnmower–A brand new Yardman. Destroyed by the tenants. What did you need the wheels for?



Pot leaves—

Under the kitchen table?





Lovely decorations..idiots.


Possible flower beds? No evidence from the way you left the yard–in shambles!!!


Not sure why the growing beds were left in the garage….Did something fry your common sense?




Might’ve been good to HIDE your fans and grow lamps before I got there….one question, does growing and doing dope make you smarter? I THINK NOT! And–if MOTHER TERESA popped a hole in my roof, and rewired my fuse box without asking me, I’d be mad at her too! I’m almost sick to mention the hole you drilled into the front of my house for your cable TV, and the boogers you wiped all over the walls. Animals.

Oh, and if you think this is just ONE of the “side” effects of the new pot laws in our state which is now viewed as the “fruit-loop” state of the U.S., then think again.

I used to be proud of John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High song. Now it simply makes me sad.



16 thoughts on “Growing Pot Wasn’t Part of the Gig.

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  2. I LIKED it but I didn’t. What an awful thing to face. If the garage roof weren’t already removed the repair bills would go through it.
    I’m ignorant of your “pot laws” but this sort of thing happens everywhere. Cash crop, eh.

  3. NO offense or anything but if i was to ever rent out my house and I cared about it, I would probably check in on it more than once every 2 years. At least a bi-annual inspection for upkeep purposes. If you think the new laws are the only reason this happened to your house, thats pretty ignorant.

    • Mark, Not sure, but these critters were such slobs, I left out many of the things I found. They drilled a hole into the front of my home to install their cable only weeks before leaving the home. They also busted the handle off of the refrigerator. How the heck do you do that? Late night snack hostility? As if all the aforementioned wasn’t enough, boogers all over the walls were sickening as well.

  4. You have my sympathies. We know some folks that have rentals and have been burned a few times. The last tenants tried to sell the appliances on Craig’s List. It just floors me that people are so reckless and dishonest with other folk’s belongings. It never ceases to amaze me, because for some naive reason, I expect people to respect other’s property. The really sad situation is when people of this caliber have children… look at what they are teaching them.

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