Have you ever encountered people who simply NEVER get the big picture about anything? Perhaps they have a small idea and want it to succeed, yet they never accomplish it because they don’t know how to delegate, what buttons to push, avenues to pursue, contacts to receive approval from, so they simply go at it half-arsed or cocked. What happens? Eventually the whole thing blows up in their face! 
If I let the little things bother me, could I last until the end and put on an 80 booth event with 80 people as vendors?
How about a venue where you have to clean it yourself? To be able to use it, you have to be willing to clean up the rat turds out of the corners, and move forward. If encountering a pickled rat makes your skin crawl, then I suggest hosting your event at the Taj Majal. 
To create magic within an organization, value the assets that are presented to you. You appreciate them, delegate to them, give them the importance they need and PUT YOUR BEST SOLDIERS in the foreground! PEOPLE ARE ASSETS! Allowing ANYONE to alienate them is sucumbing to failure. Taking the reins in your teeth and charging forward with your vision is the way to succeed. Listen, and listen with a smile on your face. VALUE ALL IDEAS.
Take care of the little details, but don’t let those details derail your BIG PICTURE. People only want to be treated with respect and kindness. 
Artists only want to create and be appreciated.
Be the big person, and tell people how much you value them. Make the concessions necessary to keep those creators around you and in your circles. Build on what people afford you—-the gift of themselves.



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