I asked someone once how great God’s love is for us. I thought she explained it quite well. She told me that if all the water on Earth was ink, and all the trees were pens, and the Earth paper, it could never be expressed. Ever.


Often, analogies can put things in perspective for us. Often concepts cannot be grasped either,

I saw this when I was a school teacher. I was never the instructor who would lecture in front of my class. We as a classroom would many times learn by “doing” and that was easy as with art and science classes. The media itself lent to discovery. Yet, there was always that few that simply never “got it.” Whether it was an inability to accept, or understand, those few had to do things their way, and often, they came up with newer and better solutions.


I now take this same principle into my life and apply it. I learn a lot by doing. By putting on very large events with hundreds of people participating and attending. I observe how others treat each other. I have one key rule to all of my events. You must be kind. If you disrespect someone, you will not be asked back or allowed in. It’s a simple rule, but it tends to be difficult for those who have “issues.” The biggest obstacle in most people’s lives is the unwillingness to relinquish control. Also, many people simply cannot trust. They must know “exact” booth sizes, they must know who will be sharing the booth next to them, and they must know how many people will be in attendance.

I do not mark booth sizes. I’ve found that when I do, people try to test the limits. They will often push the boundaries of the assigned space. So when they arrive to display their items, I point them toward the given space, and tell them to work it out with their neighbor. Now, instead of children, I deal with adults. It can be easier, but often is more difficult. With events, everyone’s goal is to sell. I am often a vendor at my own events. I want to sell too, but more importantly, I want everyone to get along and have fun. I want people to trust that the day of an event, I will take care of them. If they need anything, I am there to solve the dilemma. They are never on their own. 

As I get older, I relinquish control. Being in control doesn’t solve anything and only makes other uncomfortable. Needing to exercise control over others because YOU see something YOUR WAY, and YOUR WAY is the only right way, is never an intelligent stance. The old adage, “there is more than one way to skin a cat,” holds true for almost everything in life. Teaching kids, being around family, holding large events. Different perspectives lend different ideas and solutions.

I began this small writing with how the Lord loves us and how much. I have felt he loves us all equally. The homeless, the poor, the sick, dying, intelligent, sad, beautiful, homely. No one should feel left out. I like to think of my shows as a place where every artist feels equal. From the lady who crochets doilies, to the avid oil painter. The man who carves wooden clocks to the lady who makes birdhouses. The sculptor, the potter, the reclaimed furniture maker, the glassware artist, the jeweler, or metal worker. I often put crafters in with serious watercolor artists.  Or I place the oil painter next to the photographer. Often, people leave these shows with new friends. I see them again at other shows and see them talking with each other.


I believe God likes when we share our talents with each other. When a show comes together it is much like a beautiful, ceremonial  dance. The public gracefully flowing in and out of the venue, purchasing from the artists. The artists gaining more and more confidence as their hand crafted items sell. Smiles and laughter are shared. People learn from each other about their craft.


Art is godlike. Art brings people together. Creating events gives me a joy I have never known in my life. Placing people next to each other to share a day of their lives is a wonderful feeling.

Thank you God for creating artists. For giving them the gifts they have to share with the world. For bringing us all together for a common good. For expanding our minds with their interpretations of our world. We are truly blessed to know each other and feel connected with events that promote kindness and understanding of new creations.

Read about and see the shows I’ve created with Northern Colorado’s help:

www.artadvocateofnortherncolorado.com and go to the blog page.


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