David covets Uriah’s wife,
As he stands upon his palatial rooftop in awe,
And being the lustful man that he is
orders she is brought to him for he lusts at what he saw.
Unknown to David, this woman is with child.
When he finds out, he is filled with malice and vile.
So he orders her husband Uriah who is at the battleground,
Come back and be with your wife, so it’ll be YOUR child.
Uriah is faithful to those he surrounds,
Instead of thinking of himself,
He guards the battlegrounds.
Never consummating his love for his wife that night.
Uriah, his name meaning “Light of God”
cannot conceive of leaving his friends for his own good,
so his wife is left alone,
as he does what he should.
So David believes the way to solve this trial
is to send Uriah back to battle, hoping for his demise.
And sure enough, the wish is granted,
And he most certainly is brought to the forefront and dies.
Now David is free to marry his pregnant mate,
And what’s even better is that Uriah is gone,
And has met a dastardly fate.
So David maintains his high moral ground.
Yet God hears of this deed,
and is no less than amused,
So he sends Nathan the Prophet
To teach a lesson to this fool.
Two men, one sick and one very poor,
The rich man has many sheep,
Yet the poor has only one.
This little lamb is a pet with his children doth sleep.
The rich man does not take from his own herd
he instead wants the pet lamb that is regarded as gold,
and kills it for his feast,
while the poor man’s blood runs cold.
David hears of this tale, exclaiming,
“This man deserves to die!
He should pay for this lamb
and pay with his life!”
Pity David the man,
Who sees not the terrible truth.
And now God has the proof.
For you’ll be the one
To pay with undue strife.
And no one will save you,
and your pitiful life.

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