Swimming so slowly, life’s woes seek to drown,

Tip softly to the surface-no comfort is found.

Wandering through waves, immersed in the breeze,

Little solace is offered for you or for me.

Sunshine makes light of glistening sand,

Reaching for warmth, yet not finding a hand.

Birds beckon with song of summer’s end,

Flying gracefully as it bends it’s wings

On wind stretched under the sun,

Which sits on a cloud, tired of the day.

I hear the wind howl, and the Earth laugh at my steps,

For my plight is surreal as I take my last breath.

Swimming now silently, hands at my sides,

Taking no breath, sinking into the abyss.

Darkness welcomes me with her soft silky arms,

I smile as I fade into heavy, blackened mist.

At rest there is silence, and peace ever more,

Where thoughts are none other than waves

 which lay dormant upon an ocean shore.






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