Am I crazy to think after flooding and fires,

That Winter this year will be calm and serene?

That the blizzards and cold won’t chill to the bone,

And the log home that we live in will resist the wind?

Is there something in store that the animals know,

Because September came, and their coats they did grow?

The horses have their Winter coats,

And the yellow labradors have more fur than last year?

What’s to be done about our dangerous road?

Highway 287 where many people have wrecks and die.

Oh, doth she worry too much?

But is her worry unfounded or a crutch?

With living amongst such beauty, must be also the brave?

Oh yes, say the winds, the storms and the rain.

Be wary, and afraid, and hold tight to your bed,

For this severe winter storm is not in your head.

Collect your wood logs to light bright in your stove,

Prepare for the worst, gather food and be told,

As the winds rip through your soul and cut to the bone,

That life isn’t always pretty when you’re sitting at home.


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