When you think you’ve got troubles,

And you are tired and down and out,

Think of a guy with 4 wives,

Or a president we could do without.

Think about people who argue,

Or those without any faith,

How about the poor and the down-trodden,

Or a rich man without a good safe?

Material things never matter,

The priest today said it right from the start,

What matters is how you treat others,

And what lies deep in your heart.

You could have been born talentless like Beiber,

You could have been brandished like O.J,

You could have teeth like D’ Angelo,

Or a nose like actor, Brody.

So when family members start screaming,

Kids start ripping you to a shred,

Examine the life you’ve been given,

A roof, food and a warm bed.

Politics can always be re-structured,

Religion can always be re-worked,

You only get one life to live,

So live it with many perks.

Music, nature, the written word,

Sunshine, flowers, gardens we grow,

Flowers, animals of all size,

Love from others we’ve come to know.




No drama living, that’s where it’s at.



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