My Mom and I

Oil by my Mom

Oil by my Mom

I am my mother’s daughter. Above is a picture of my Mom and I when we both looked good.
 I have a middle name that is actually my mother’s, and my grandmother’s. It is Mary. I started referring to myself as Karen Mary in my 50’s only because people who didn’t know me had to say it, and then I’d know I didn’t know them very well. If they shortened it to Karen, then I knew I knew them from “down the road.”

I started hosting large art shows in my 50’s. My mother used to paint china, and now she paints oils. She is really good. The above “Winter Scene” was completed recently.
I make jewelry in my spare time and I’m also learning to play the guitar. My daughter is a really good artist too and is very musical. She is also a red head like my Mom. They both are proud of their red hair. I think it gives them powers. They are united and like talking to each other because they feel red heads should stick together. My mother said that in school she was made fun of and called, “carrot top.” My daughter’s hair is much more auburn and darker than my mother’s.

My Mom is also a hospice nurse. My brother tells me she is trying to earn her wings into heaven. I’m sure she has.
I’m glad both of my parents are still with us. They bring a lot of joy to my husband and I. I have a few friends who have lost their mothers and Mother’s Day is a difficult day for them. I can completely understand this. I know how painful it will be when I lose my own mother.


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