My mother was far from perfect, but she was the only mother I had. It doesn’t matter if she “did things right,” I still feel I owe her. I owe her for wiping my snotty nose, offering her sleeve when there was no tissue around, feeding, bathing, clothing me, giving up part of her life for me. For being there for me time and time again when I’d fail in life. Those aren’t small things.

Is there anyone you can attribute those qualities to? Don’t tell me you have your “friends or mentors,” because no one will ever love you as much as your own mother. My mother once told me she’d lay in front of a truck for me and give her life for me. I believe it.

None of my friends have ever said that.

I believe it, because I am a mother and I would do the very same things for my own daughter.

At our ranch

My heart is hers.






3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day isn’t for Sissies

    • Thank you and same to you. I shared your blog with thousands today. I loved it. It’s always frightening to display weakness and struggle. Maybe it will help someone else.

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