IMG_3200This is Beau, our new shelter dog. We adopted him from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. You can see the patch on his leg from where the I.V. was when they neutered him. We have had him less than three weeks now. He used to pee all over the house, whenever he felt like it, and at least now that has stopped. He has scratched the new cabinets in the kitchen that were hand-made from knotty pine. I saw the big scratches on the silverware drawer a week ago, and immediately thought I could get them out with lemon oil. No go on that. My wonderful husband who is the “Cowboy Lawyer” on word-press planned a lovely evening out for Valentine’s Day. We had a delicious dinner at a Country Club with friends, and then what we saw when we got home was horrifying. We were only gone 2.5 hours. Beau had climbed up on top of the stove, and tore into a huge casserole dish full of an apple crisp I had made the day before. The worst part was the huge glass dish which crashed to the Saltillo floor into a million pieces. Sadie, our other yellow Labrador also joined into the fun. Unfortunately, she swallowed a piece of glass that she luckily vomited up last night. I have been sweeping and mopping the floor each day and still, on the 17th, I’m finding glass in small crevices between the tiles. A few days ago I was planning on hiking with Sadie and Beau, and went upstairs to use the restroom before leaving. In that short amount of time, Beau decided to eat and rip apart my new Cabelas coat which Alan bought me for Christmas. The coyote fur ruff was the main focus. Cabelas was compassionate about what occurred and told me they’d replace it–for free. That made my day. Today, I asked Beau to go outside which he defiantly would not do. Instead, he ran into the living room, grabbed my fur hat and ran out with it, dragging it through the dog shit in the yard. I asked him over 15 times to drop it. I cried as I watched him dirty it up and enjoy teasing the hell out of me. He finally let up when I opened the car door and he dropped it inside.

Beau is really hard to love. Yet, I love him. I look at his face, and I’m constantly reminded of Max who I lost on January 3rd of this year. Max is probably testing me through Beau and reminding me of how wonderful he was in everyway and that I shouldn’t forget him. Max, I promise you, I never will.
What I wouldn’t give to throw your ball for you, one last time. I love you, Max:



One thought on “I promise, I won’t forget.

  1. Just thought I’d drop in and read something I had not read. As you know, I got a puppy Lab/Shepherd mix, in process of growing. (Going on 11 weeks now.) After reading this, I hope my dog, Shadow, takes after Max. Beau sure seems to be a handful. But whatever comes, I do love the dog, and I hope I can be as patient as you are, in this process. So far, my biggest challenge is still potty training, and making sure there is no food around that she can find! Because if there is, she sure will find it, and she sure will eat it! LOL! Guess that sounds a little like, Beau, doesn’t it? Oh, boy.

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