ImageAre you ready folks? This Italian gal is branching out! Her husband is very happy (because he’s eating the wares) and her daughter is proud (because Mom’s being healthy!)

So, let’s explore the healthy world of nutrient-rich micro-greens from a local farm here in Wellington, Colorado called, Raspberry Hill Farms!

Tonight, the Italian is shifting away from pasta and going with a chicken and rice dish!

First, let’s start with our micro greens. As you can see from the initial photo above, many of mine have already been consumed,

                                                 Image                                                     ~~~~ but all ya gotta do is cut a few off with a scissors.

                                                Then, I sauté them in a few tablespoons of butter:


                                                      Then, I add Sea Salt and rice (the kind that only takes 10 minutes):


                                   …and some onion powder:


Then, for some color, some red cabbage, and mushrooms for added zest!


Here’s the finished dish with a side of chicken:


Yummy and healthy! What could be better??

Contact Chelsea Glanz through Facebook for your local micro-greens and support your local farms!





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