I lost Max on Jan 3rd, 2013. Here is his story.

Art Advocate!

Max was born the day after 911. I bought him from a very large kennel in Colorado where they boasted “Avalon Labradors.” Avalon labs come from various states and boast the purest of Yellow Labrador Bloodlines. Max is from the famous “Tanker,” who achieved over 500 FC/AFC Field Trial Champions in his bloodlines. Therefore, Max is pretty smart and has an innate desire to fetch over and over again. He began doing this without any training from the young age of 7 weeks old.

I trained Max to pick things up and hand them back to the “dropper” when he was 10 months old. He also learned to “bring me the paper” in two ways. I could open the front door, say, “bring me the paper,” and he’d roust around the front yard until he found the Longmont Times-Call. If he DIDN’T find the Longmont-Times Call, he would “steal” my…

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