Our beautiful boy, Max

Max was a beautiful, Avalon Labrador. His sire’s name was Tanquer or “Tanker” (Field Trial Champion) http://www.sadonalabradors.com/Tanker.htm and he was bred at Sadona Kennel’s near Denver. In 2001, he was born the day after 9-11. Max was one of those pets you will never forget. His face, eyes, and happy disposition never failed. His tail was constantly wagging, no matter what. When you were around Max, you simply knew he loved being by your side and loved you too, endlessly. He was “expert” at finding his ball, even when you threw it too far. He could swim like a fish, and had endearing qualities like laying his head on you while you cried, or offering his paw if he saw you were having a bad day. His quiet presence of compassion and comfort will forever be mourned.

Loved to play ball!

Loved to play ball!

I had to make the very painful decision to euthanize Max on January 3rd in the wee hours of the morning. He had been placed into a drug-induced coma to avoid terrible seizures, yet he never woke up. It’s heart breaking and surreal at this point, yet serves as some type of comfort for me to share his story and life through the video I made for him the day he passed away. Thank you for reading, as many of you have also loved a beautiful animal like, Max. Unless you’ve known the love of an animal, part of your soul remains un-awakened. I thank Max for allowing me this privilege. To know him was to love him.

Please click below to see his story and how he lived:

Our Avalon Labrador, Max 12/2001 – 03/2013

Please feel free to share your story through this post or on his video, as it helps to comfort us. Rest in Peace, beautiful boy. We all mourn the loss of a beloved pet once or more in a lifetime. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

Such a beautiful face, Max

Such a beautiful face, Max


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