Life can really throw you under the bus,

But if we didn’t have trials, and weren’t one of us,

You might think you were special, without trial or foe,

But the truth leaves you reeling, and who would’ve known

That you’d encounter hurt, disaster, sickness and suffering,

That you’d watch others struggle, and even die and be gone.

How small you become when you look at the sky,

The Empire State Building, skyscrapers, your own home..

How small do you feel when you check out the sun,

Or a marvelous creation, a web the spider has spun?

An intricate part of our world which delights,

Can be seen in the stars as we gaze up at night.

With all the bad, there is so much more of good.

There’s so much to enjoy and love.

All is well with our world, even if trials set us back,

And make us rethink our paths,

Neither hurricane nor flood, fire or storm,

Can take away the human spirit.

Cling to one another, look to comfort your neighbor.

Never take one another for granted,

Nor be too consumed,

To accept the good.



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