You can give them life,

Yet they long for their own.

You can show them a path,

Yet they choose one you’d never follow.

You can share your thoughts,

But they will always have thoughts of their own.

You may strive to save them from folly,

Yet it is their right to make mistakes.

From these mistakes they grow, learn and thrive.

Your insight could spare them,

Yet become yourself a quiet observer instead.

And as time passes,

Be proud of all they’ve become,

Smile to yourself as you fall asleep at night.

Know they carry a part of your heart,

Yet they harbor their own soul.

And occasionally, they may think of you,

Or something you’ve taught them.

Your being has been imparted,

But not so much that they are not their own being.

Watch as they grow, mature, prosper and succeed.

Stand quietly by if they need.

Encourage, love, but most of all,

Let go and watch them soar.

Unconditional love


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