With the age of computers, our chance to connect with others has become much less frequent. Developing relationships is a bit harder as we plunge ourselves into work and into being on-line. We have I-Phones, computers, notebooks, Kindels, and tablets. No one has a house phone anymore, but we certainly all have cells. Those cells are either turned down, or shut down if we’re not “in the mood.” My aunt lived with my grandparents well into her thirties WITH her husband. They are Italian and part of what has become extinct, ” an extended family.” Those types of connections and families are obsolete anymore.

              Do you think people are more lonely? I would say so, judging by the number of psychologists you can find in the yellow pages. Do you think it’s almost “easier” to stay to yourself, not get out, and just be happy with social media connections? The very words, “social media” define a whole new species of interaction. Are we truly being “social” when we’re hid behind a screen? Of course not, and we’re limiting beneficial possibilities with others.

           Luckily, there are still people out there that realize the value of social connections that are real. Pushing people to “get out there and connect” with each other, are the businesses which will really snow-ball in the future. Due to our inability to be outgoing, and be willing to begin a conversation with someone new, the new social gathering of individuals is going to go gang-busters.

       I have been witness to the newer avenues for meaningful connections with like-minded souls, and one of the more prominent venues takes place in NYC. It began with a young woman’s vision to “connect others” and provide the venue and incentive to “gather, connect, relate, and communicate.” Her vision’s name is Project Exponential. A great name considering that everyone who connects will tell others, and the goodness this creates will multiply by the thousands as it grows.  Complete strangers meet and form beneficial relationships which can only enhance their present-day lives.

         Computers and social media have their place, but they will never take the place of a smile, the look in someone’s eyes, laughter, the satisfaction people receive by cultivating face-to-face interaction and the sharing of productive ideas. A pebble doesn’t seem so tiny when it’s tossed into a quiet pond.  Watch the movement it creates.

Change your life, and make the movement towards meaningful connections!

If you are longing for that spark to set your world aglow, then Project Exponential is for you.

Get in on the good, NEW YORK:



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