It’s the eve of my 53rd birthday. I’ve learned a lot in all of these years. One of those lessons is to NOT have regrets. I’ve also learned that beauty truly lies on the inside of a person. What you cultivate from your heart and how you share this with others is most important. Your public image of course, is valuable, but it isn’t everything.

Dear Kate,

What happened is cruel. The very people who published your privacy also indirectly killed your husband’s mother. You are a beautiful young lady, and you will brave this onslaught. You can do this with grace and your head held high. You are not the one who did anything wrong. Anyone with a brain in their head realizes that what has happened is a terrible invasion of your privacy and nothing more.

I would tell my own daughter the same thing. Don’t allow this to make you bitter, sad , or angry.  Don’t lose you magnificent smile and beauty. You are the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William loves you.

I will be 53 in two days. If I had it to do all over again, I’d sunbathe much more, and in the nude. Bravo to you!


A Mom in Colorado

Carry on Kate!

Don’t let the bastards get you down, Kate!


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