I grew up Catholic. I was baptized, confirmed, brought to mass nearly every Sunday and even wore the veil on my head.I remember I couldn’t understand a word of it, because the whole mass was in Latin, but I sat there, dutifully, kept quiet and waited for the hour to be over–just like every other Catholic kid. I also wanted to be a nun in 8th grade and heard that’s a common wish for a good, Catholic, little girl. I went to Catholic school in Houston, Texas called, St. Cecelia’s. In school, we never studied the Bible. We just listened and made sure we followed the “rules.”

My First Communion

    I always prayed and had a relationship with God. I prayed as a young mother, wife, teacher and for other roles I had in my life. God truly has never let me down, but the Catholic faith has.

     The Catholic church doesn’t like people who get divorced. In fact, they are downright crass about it. They’ll even tell you that you can’t receive communion anymore if you remarry. Mmmm….not sure God would like that rule. Anyone who desires his flesh and blood as a good Christian should be able to receive his good graces, wouldn’t ya say? Is there anything about annulment in the Bible? Nope.

   What I have the most difficult time with is people who judge others. Growing up in the South, I remember being asked, MANY MANY TIMES if I was “saved.” What the heck? Saved? Like do I know for sure I’m going to heaven? No, I don’t. And you don’t either.

    All I can do is live my life not hurting others, help when I can, and love and treat people the way I’d like to be loved and treated. Doesn’t sound hard. Too bad it is for many.

Once, and recently, I was coerced into going over to my husband’s friend’s house (who happen to be staunch Catholic) and I was told I wasn’t “doing things right.” I was told I shouldn’t have gotten married the way I did and that I was supposed to convert my husband and get married in the Catholic church. I was told that bad things would happen to me because I “turned my back on the Mother Church.” Eh? Still waiting for that lightening bolt to rear it’s ugly head and strike me down.

I didn’t think that getting remarried was turning my back on anyone. I simply have a very difficult time believing the self-righteous attitudes of people who don’t even know me…don’t even know what kind of heart I have OR those that actually know my husband, were raised by my husband, lived with my husband and STILL act like complete kooks.

Dear Lord, life is difficult enough. Let’s accept everyone for their choices as we’re not the boss of anyone. Let’s not judge each other, but accept people for who they are and love them the way we wish to be loved.

Again, not difficult. Piece of cake.


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