If your heart is pure,

And your motives remain true,

You’ll live a life that’s gentle and good.

By gentle, I mean,

You won’t intentionally hurt others;

Not your children, friends, fathers or mothers.

The people who are mean should be swept away,

Like a bunch of Fall leaves

On a hot, summer day.

And when the clearings have been made,

What is left will delight,

For you’ll have what you’ve longed for,

And you’ll laugh at the sight.

Underneath the rubbish, pain and hurt,

Won’t be the 10,000 tears that have dried in the dirt.

What you need in your life will be the undying love,

The kind that mothers give their children, and more.

You’ll make way for the healing, room for the cures.

You’ll have peace, contentment, empathy and grace,

And as Ol’ Abe once said, “We’re all responsible for our face.”

A friend once said, that she loved mine,

And I didn’t even choose it-it took shape over time.

Yes, animals love certain people and so do kids,

They can sense when you’re good, and they can’t be tricked.

If you’ve been given this gift, then waste it not.

For life is tenuous, and we’re all we’ve got.



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