I firmly believe that people cross paths in life for a reason. This is a “gift” when someone new is brought into your life. People are multifaceted and can offer so much to your world. Growth occurs when people are placed together and can learn from each other.

Learning the value of this concept at a young age will only deepen and heighten sense of self-worth and importance on our planet. Allowing yourself to become “too comfortable” with your life, inhibits learning and growth. I love the words of Mario Andretti, “If everything is under control, you are going to slow.”

A brilliant concept developed by a Columbia graduate in NYC is bringing people together in unique formats designed for their individual lives. You will meet new people, share ideas, and simply, become alive again! The energy created from attending these meetings cannot be bought at the department store. What you’ll gain is a new facet to add to your existence. Michelle takes it all into her own hands and pretty much hands this opportunity to you on a silver platter.

There’s never been a better time to expand, explore, and revitalize your life.

Grab all that you can and reach for the stars. And remember, “If you reach for the stars, you might not get one, but you won’t end up with a handful of mud, either.” Leo Burnett.

Click below to get in on this if you are in the NYC area. You only have one life, so make it GREAT!


Positive Interactions, sharing ideas!


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