Can you be yourself when you’re posting on the internet? Do you put on a “big phoney presence” that is nothing like what you are in real life? Do you fret that if someone meets you in real life, you’ll let them down?

            All this comes from the fact that there are examples of people who are fake, phoney, and completely ” made-up” individuals who can’t hold their own in the real world.

           Do you jump into your new Corvette, (or in my case, my 97′ Nissan Pathfinder with 275,000 miles on it) cut people off, and “take people’s lives” in your own hands because you have literally NO CONTROL over your own life? (yes , that’s what hostile people do)

Do you hate your life, job, wife, kids, miserable, hum-drum boring, old life? Well, there’s hope:


         You have the power to make decisions, quit your job, reinvent those areas which “annoy the heck out of you.” Only YOU can do it–no one will offer you that silver platter with a baked ham, glazed in pineapple, sitting there begging you to eat it at the drop of a hat. I’m not saying it’ll be easy. You may even have to take out a loan to change things. Reinvent a new business, make changes which will suit you and make you happy. But I’m telling you, you can do it. I did. Enlist people and friends who support you. others who are dissatisfied will bring you down and tell you you shouldn’t change. Watch.

We all know that CHANGE IS GROWTH.

                   I once changed my life so drastically, that I tripled my salary in one year. I took a chance, opened a new business and guess what? It worked. I NEVER thought it would fail. That wasn’t in my vocabulary or thinking. FAILING wasn’t an option!

As far as my new position in life; I have been honest, kind and love to serve others in the art community. Kindness comes naturally to me. I also “tell it like it is.” If you are honest, fair, kind and help in your immediate community by serving others, you will succeed. It’s truly that easy. Disengage from people who are selfish, manipulative and demanding. Just do something for the good of others and your community. You won’t even have to convince anyone of anything because they’ll see how it can benefit them. It’ll all come out in the wash.

What can you do to shake things up and change things? When you think on it a few days, I bet you’ll come up with something! And when you do, let us all know what it is!


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