When I heard of the news in Aurora, Colorado this evening, I thought of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeXcaRYNlSQ How can people be so ugly, how can people be so cruel these days?

What would cause someone to visit a crowded movie theater and shoot over 80 people?

Alex Sullivan was killed on his 27th birthday due to this heinous act. Many others as well. Let’s remember the people who are no longer with us, the innocent victims who were not given a chance. Let’s not focus on the complete psychotic moron who did this.

Dear God, please give strength to the families who have lost loved ones. This is not a “gun” issue. This is a “people” issue. Our city of Aurora, Colorado has suffered a terrible tragedy at the hands of a complete “waste of protoplasm.” Yet, how does a person like this roam the streets of our society? How does a rat like this slip through the cracks?

This is OUR issue as parents, teachers, neighbors, salesmen, employees, and counselors. We are all responsible for “NOT being aware, not paying attention enough, not seeing the colors of someone who is disturbed.”

We must be more aware of people that can do others harm. It’s okay to be suspicious. It’s okay to raise a flag, to bring attention, and to ask questions. We need to protect each other.

There is no explanation. There never will be.


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