Please read Seth Godin’s New Book: STOP STEALING DREAMS.


When I taught in the early 80’s. I would begin by telling my class that a tree does not have to look like a lollipop. Any child who climbed one, sat in one, and listened to the wind move the leaves and branches, knew a tree wasn’t a ball with a stem on it. I encouraged my classes to be creative. use their own imaginations, and simply, create. I was the art teacher. The “funky, unaccepted, ‘eat your lunch in your own room'” kind. I also realized through my 20 years of teaching elementary students, middle school and high school that my role became even more and more important as students needed to make their own decisions and not be “told” what to think or do. My positions were often cut, due to funding. Art was the only subject that dealt completely with right-brained activity, and where students could glean a whole-brained approach to learning, yet the math and English teachers “scoffed” and “ho-hummed” at my free/liberal classroom style. I understood that not every child was a math-wiz, or an English scholar, yet he or she could have successes in my class which bolstered self-esteem and lifted spirits. I understood that the squirrel who was good at perpendicular tree climbing, would never be good at swimming. That the bird who could fly, would never burrow into the ground like the graceful mole. That the fish who could swim with it’s sleek body and ability to breathe underwater, would never climb a tree.
I got it way back when. Seth, you get it now. Bravo to you, and thank you for your insight and clarity which you afford to this screwed up, left-brained world! This teacher loves you!


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