This is a poem ’bout cowboys.

The legends we all knew.

Men like Johnny Cash,

And guys like Lash La Rue.

The men who made us proud

When we thought of all they’d done,

They gave us hope for the future

And made clean livin’ fun.

Who can’t help but smile

When ya hear the words, “John Wayne?”

How he stood so tall and strong,

Setting standards for Western fame.

A classic scene to many

As he takes reins in his teeth,

Yet don’t forget our other faves

Like Bob Steele and Eddie Dean.

Buck Jones, Bob Wells and Fuzzy Q

Are men we all admired.

They created with their fame

Memories which will never expire.

Out of all these famous people,

Rocky Land and Andy Devine,

I knew of none so personally

As a cowboy friend of mine.

He wasn’t very famous

Like Roy Rogers or Gabby Haynes,

But he loved me like no other,

So he made himself a name.

His tale was never written

On page or silver screen,

Yet a pen inside my heart

Wrote words of love unseen.

I write of a man so gentle,

Most women would want his name,

He wasn’t Marty Robbins,

Or even Frankie Lane.

He didn’t star in movies

Yet he made himself a home,

And raised three young children

and he did it all alone.

He has a fondness for wildlife

And the horses he feeds each day.

At night when he lays down to sleep,

To his God he always prays.

His touch is like the wind’s caress,

His voice like summer rain.

He didn’t sing like the great Buck Owens,

But he moved me just the same.

I tell this tale in modern day

’cause no man can be John Wayne,

But I found a cowboy gentle and true,

And I loved him just the same.

~Published June 14th 2004, Fence Post Windsor, Colorado

Written by Karen Mary Castranova for Alan D Carlson.



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