Okay folks, it’s time to take a stand. What’s been happening in Colorado? Well, if you don’t know, you’re a very big GOOMBA. Yes, there’s a 65,000 acre fire buring as you read this called, The High Park Fire.

           The literary definition of GOOMBA in our Italian family was someone who does STOOPID stuff. Well, Loveland, you’ve taken the cake and you get the official GOOMBA AWARD for this week. Has over 65,000 acres been burning in Colorado for the past week? Didn’t you think we had ENOUGH fire damage, horrors and everything else unimaginable? Then why the hell would you NOT ban the sale of fireworks for the 4th of July?

Here’s proof that the City of Loveland are GOOMBAS:


               When we were little, my Dad would call us “Shifferbrains” if we did something really wrong. Goomba was a word reserved for people “outside” of our family structure. I think “shifferbrains” wasn’t as bad as “Goomba.”

Me and My Dad:

We get along great, and call each other names regularly.

           Loveland, after our State of Colorado has spent over 7 million fighting the High Park Fire, why would you want to sell fireworks? We are all here and in this together, and Fort Collins is your NEIGHBORING city! You don’t start fires in your neighbor’s homes! Didn’t anyone ever teach you any manners?

Either you have “shifferbrains,” or, NOW you are OFFICIALLY a bunch of GOOMBAS!


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