Do you know what sacrifice truly is,

and do you know what it means as you struggle and breathe?

Do you know what it’s like to see abandoned animals,

And harm done to Earth, homes and beautiful trees?

Is the ache of fighting a fire still in your heart, and

Do you cry at night after you’ve seen a home ripped apart?

Is the roar of flames in your eyes as you lay down at night?

Is the smell of smoke in your veins as you carry this fight?

Do you wonder how some people begin again?

As you pull the sleeping bag over your head for rest,

Is your soul torn apart and your body put to tests,

Beyond your wildest dreams, did you think you’d live to tell,

What’s it like to be day after day in a fiery hell?

When the day is over, have you tried in vain,

To settle the score, to drench the pain,

In hopes that you’ll wake to settle this uncertain score,

with an Earth that cries out as the fire continues to roar?

When it’s over and done, if your own home is still there,

May you know how Colorado and her people truly care.

Your pain is our pain, and we honor you true.

We can never say thank you for all that you do.









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