Have bad thing happened to you in the past? Certainly. Have times not always treated you fairly? Join the club. The past can build character, and hard times can certainly help you learn a few things. For instance, if you survive a terrible ordeal, and you make it through to begin living again, you feel strength and resilience.


Last May of 2011, my Mom and I were traveling South on 287, and a hail storm started. I saw the guy coming towards us in a small Miata, spinning completely out of control. He hit the guy in front of us, spun off of him hitting us head-on. The horn was stuck and blared loudly. The airbags smelled like gunpowder, and smoke was everywhere. I knew immediately that my left hand was broken. The pain was 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. My nose was broken too, and bleeding pretty bad. I looked in the mirror and it was tilted to the left, so I snapped it back in place with my right hand. Weird, I know. My Mom kept yelling that she couldn’t breathe, but I knew enough about biological science that if she could speak, she could breathe. After waiting a good 40 minutes, we were taken by gurney to Poudre Valley Hospital. I didn’t want pain medication, and knew my nose was broken, left hand broken and knee was blown out from stepping so hard on the brake. I went home that night. My Mom was in the hospital for another 4 days, but she opted for Morphine after the regular pain medications weren’t working. That made her even worse. 

ImageMy Mom had a fractured rib from the airbag blow.  At her age, the impact made her sore and the seat belt left terrible bruises.  She had never been in a wreck before. I had, but not one this bad.

So, I feel we were both given a second chance. It could’ve been a lot worse, and some people don’t walk away from something this severe. The car was a complete “total.”

After this happened, I began to think more about living life in a fulfilling manner. Before this wreck, I went to work everyday and I stayed to myself. After being a performer most of my life, I became reclusive. Then, a spark formed in my mind, and the wreck woke me up. I had way more to offer. I used to sing professionally and in public. I can sing the Ave Maria like nobody’s business and I studied voice at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. There’s actually a lot I can do. Sitting behind a desk in a law office beats teaching middle school, but it’s not exactly made for me. So, I starting hosting VERY large art shows in my area, providing local artists the opportunity to sell their work. Also, providing the public with a cultural event to attend. The next one is June 16th from 10-3 next to City Drug on North College. So far, 12 artists have signed up!


I have a supportive husband that backs me on everything I undertake. (bad pun)

I feel that life hands you a deck of cards. There are many ways to play the game, but I choose to overcome,  achieve, and not simply live, but thrive!


Let’s all step into the dawn and LIVE!

Solace in the Wind by Max Patte, at dawn in Wellington, New Zealand

Solace in the Wind by Max Patte, at dawn in Wellington, New Zealand


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