Here is the definition of a “linchpin.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linchpin

If you read about a linchpin, it is the actual pin that can hold a wheel on, keep things together, or even better,  “someone” who holds the elements of a complicated structure together.

How is a linchpin like a mosaic? Look at the one my daughter and I created. Of course, hers is the “kewl” black side, and mine, well, is the sandy-looking, crappy side. All kidding aside, what makes this mosaic work? The actual fabric which holds the stones in place, which is adhesive, and then after the stones are put in place, the mortar is wedged around the glass and stones to hold them in place. Without the adhesive and mortar, the mosaic falls apart. Without the linchpin, the wheel slides off of its axle, and the vehicle becomes useless.

Is a family a type of unit in which a linchpin is needed? Yes, most definitely. A mother can hold her family together by being the core structure which makes sure meals are served in which each family member can participate and share ideas. Sharing ideas and serving up respect which is surely as important as the nourishment at the table, is the fabric of making ideas come alive.

Art is important as it teaches creativity. I’ve been a linchpin most of my life. I’ve taught art in the public schools, I’m a Mom who kept a family together, and did so for 18 years, and I now run my husband’s law office and keep it running smoothly by keeping clients and the “boss” happy. I can blog during the day because I have a benevolent employer. This is my first blog and there will be many more. I hope you enjoyed it!



2 thoughts on “Linchpin, similar to a Mosaic?

  1. Wonderful web-site, wherever did you found this facts in this article? I am glad I discovered it. i will be checking out back soon to verify what other content articles you possibly can have.

    • If you read any of Seth Godin’s work, and/or “Sethsblog” he is well-known as a guru on innovative business and social media. He is also a very talented author who has written “NY-Times Best Sellers.”

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