Find old shutters that aren’t used anymore. They are common near building sites or renovations of new homes.
Remove the shutters (closing part) with a hammer.

If you have bright colored paint, go around the rim with it. It’ll look way too bright after-wards, so I “dulled” the bright colors (which reminded me of a kid’s finger paints) with a wood varnish. (I always use Minwax).
This made everything much more tolerable and more ‘Mexican-looking’ for my mission-style garden. Notice that the shutter parts have been replaced with pieces of plywood, screwed on with tiny screws.

         Nope, that’s not my blood on the back,  just paint from the front side.

You’ll want to mix your Polymix (for tile jobs) and have the nice, glass pieces ready to put in place. They are easy to find at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby craft stores.
I simply spread the Polymix with an old stick to give it a rough appearance. Then, I carefully placed my glass pieces randomly within the panes.
Here’s the finished project and they will hang on my new fence to give it some “sparkle.”
I had a lot of fun doing this and it all cost me a whopping 30 bucks for all materials. Something like this is considered “art” and would run in excess of $75.00 each at a garden or nursery store. ( coming soon–picture of project hanging on the fence!)


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