This is the finished product:

Now, I will guide you through the delightful process of creating it!
Ingredients necessary for the Ultimate Burrito:
Green chili powder of your choice, or be lazy and buy Mark Schlereth’s Stinkin’ Good Green Chile.
Large yellow Onion
Green Peppers
cream cheese
Instant rice
Frozen Peas
Large Tortillas (Softer the better)
First step: Combine your rice, 1/4 cup chopped onion, frozen peas, and a dash of chicken bullion with 1/2 cup of water.

The rice mixture is in the back, round pan. Make it by throwing together your instant rice, the peas and onions..you can “improv” on what you want in it. My friend adds black beans too. I add corn.
While it is simmering, saute your sausage, onion and green pepper with mushrooms on flat pan (the one shown in the front.) Let cook for about 6 minutes on low.

Next, Make the sauce for the top:

I use a very good green chili powder (or Mark’s if I want it easy!) and combine the water, 1 Table. of flour, cream cheese and Velveeta slice on low as they mix together!

Using a whisk is helpful on this step. When it melts together, it’ll be like this:

Creamy and delicious with a tad of a “bite.” I added some of the cooked sausage to it. (It really is EASIER to use Stink’s Stinkin’ Good Green Chile!)

Now, Add the eggs to your sausage, onions and green pepper/mushroom pan:

Notice how the back pan has the tortillas sitting on top of the hot rice, steaming!

Now assemble by placing mixtures inside of warm tortilla and ladle the creamy cheese sauce on top!
 Here ya go!

You can always let your friends clean up for ya!

Max and Sadie!


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